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Unsure of the progress towards your business goals and/or long term health of your business?

Feeling constantly behind the eight ball?

Overwhelmed with the day to day tasks required to run your business and it's keeping you from scaling?

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Have full clarity in your business and goals so you can sleep better at night.

Get back the freedom to spend more time creating, making an impact, and growing! 

Calm the chaos and feel confident that your business can handle your growth efforts.

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Breakthrough Strategy Session

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60 minute strategy Zoom call focused on your goal or project 

What's Included

Breakthrough Action Plan delivered to you post call

One week of support for follow up questions

What you Get

The Breakthrough Strategy Session is an intensive strategy and planning session where we'll set realistic expectations and action items to reach your intended goal, project, product, or mission. 

Do you have a revenue goal, a new product or service launch, or even a renewed business mission or customer segment? We can address a plan for building a team, help with delegation or an outline for a new targeted audience.

Strategy and goal alignment is essential for all aspects of your business and the Breakthrough Strategy Session can get you there. 

You'll Leave With

Clarity on your goal & how to get there

Confidence in your plan to reach your goal

Guidance and counsel on your individual goal or overall mission



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Scale with Dashboards

What you get

Ready to elevate your business to the next level? Wondering what those big companies have that you don't? It's data clarity!

Ever heard the phrase, "numbers don't lie?" It's true. Data is the golden ticket to your smartest and most confident business decisions. 

If the word data scares you... we got you covered!

In 90 days, we'll deliver a dashboard that takes the scary data from all the nooks and crannies of your systems and platforms and delivers the story of your business in a single snapshot. 

Fully automated, in the visual style that works best for you, even if you hate numbers.
You'll have more clarity than you've ever had.

You'll know exactly where to focus your efforts and resources.

You'll have confidence in the decisions that drive your business forward. 



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Simplify with Systems

What's Included

What you get

Setup and/or optimization of 1 to 3* systems based on your unique business needs

60-90 day project timeline complete with audit of current systems and dashboards

* Additional system setup options available if you require more than 3 tools/systems. A quote will be provided.

Full Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for systems. Our SOP Template Pack will be provided for your future needs

Our Zone of Genius Task Alignment audit will highlight the tasks that only you can do and delegate or automate tasks that detract from living in your passion

Weekly accountability task recap emails for you and your team to stay on track

Job description for any support staff the task alignment identifies that your business might need, and team onboarding if needed

Twice monthly team meetings for project progression and upcoming tasks

The Simplify with Systems Package is a 60-90 day project that brings clarity, calm, and efficiency to your business.

We will set up or optimize up to 3* systems so we can scale down your to do list. We'll set up automations and dashboards based on your unique business needs. 

System types include: project management/task tracking tools, CRM, LMS, CMS, etc. 

Our unique approach to systems and dashboards includes full Brand Alignment. Each aspect of your business, even the backend, will be completely aligned with your brand and your voice to create a total mission driven culture. It leads to better team performance, clearer messaging, passion focused work, and the highest quality deliverables to your end client or customer.

Let's get your business organized and optimized so you can live in your zone of genius and skyrocket your growth.

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Custom Packages

Need a combination of the above packages?

Need a timeframe that doesn't fit those outlined above?

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